lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Your pretty face seduced me, blinded me from how you used me.
Depraved souls. Trusting in the one thing.
Now I see what you've lost.

Never opened myself this way,

.  life is ours, we live it our

. Someone who'll help me see things, in a different light.
Please let me know everything's
. The seasons change...I was the summer
to your heart.

Life is but a long, sad game. Lifeless souls, avoiding shames.

Be my lifeline for this lifetime, suffer in pleasure, forever and ever. I'd
like to see how the walls around
your heart will fall apart. Stop resisting, let the
light in, suffer in pleasure, forever and ever,
this one lifetime.

. Well hello there, you're the local superhero?
We're the cruel regulators smoking cigaro, cigaro, cigar.
. My shit stinks much better than yours.

. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, Modern globalization.

. Don't say a word.

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